In addition to Alan’s web design service our professional services also include :

Imaging Service
Highly professional standard photographing service for artists’ works of art, commercial merchandises, and or any other images that are needed for the web pages.
We will improve images provided by our clients with professional skill and software on request or in case of need.

Translation services are available for Chinese to English as well as English to Chinese for the texts needed in the web pages. No problem for either the traditional or simplified versions of Chinese characters.

Composing Effective Write-up
Good and effective write-up for important information regarding companies, businesses, services and products to market on the websites are indeed vital important. A website cannot be effective without proper and effective write-up.

Domain Name Consultation & Registration
Do not simply register a domain name for the sake of your website without any proper evaluation. It is very import that your Domain name is relevant to your company name and or the type of business that you are doing.

Keywords & META Tags
Relevant and accurate keywords play an important part of a good website, without them search engines won’t be able to find and list the site. It is vital important to META Tag your website prior to search engine submission and this has to be done professionally in order to get best effective results. Meta Tags are hidden text placed in the head section of your HTML pages that are used by most major search engines to index your site based on your keywords and descriptions. It is crucial to apply appropriate Meta Tags as well as a good title and description if you expect your website to be found in majority of search engines.

Search Engine Optimization
There is a great deal of difference in the way human surfers and search engines see web pages. Whereas people look at design and read text, a search engine will seek information that helps it determine your pages or site's relevance. Search engine optimization's first goal for your web site is to rank it at a position where a web surfer can easily find it. It's important to look at your pages with the eyes of a search engine spider. Nowadays search engine optimization is a mix of art and science. It is crucial to make your pages as relevant as possible and in some ways it is highly scientific when search engines
are concerned. However, relevance is a measure of how close your website is aligned to what the user is looking for. In simple words, the more relevant your pages are, the higher your rankings are. Of course, at the same time your site should contents attractive interests to the human visitors in order to keep them staying longer at your site: well, this is art!

Search Engines Submission
Finally, the grand finale is to submit your site to search engines. Again, this has to be done professionally with appropriate submitting tool in order to get the best results. Our tool is capable of submitting websites to some of the best search engines to ensure your online presence worldwide. You will get into search engines that give 98% of overall search engine traffic. Of course, paid listings and free listings do make a great deal of difference. Hence, paid listings of some major search engines are highly recommended.   
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